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Oct 03 2013

Smart Investor Article

HackLabs mentioned in an interesting article from Christopher Joye on security start ups in Australia.

Smart Investor Article

Oct 13 2010

Fake WiFi Lives On!

I was asked about those annoying fake wifi APs that you often see that are in ad-hoc mode which offer the allure of free internet access but always disappoint!


Sep 23 2010

QUT Interview on Social Media Hacking

I was interviewed about general security questions around the use of social networks. This was done after a presentation I gave on called "Social Media Abuse".

QUT News

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Sep 21 2010

ABC Local Radio Queensland - Interview

Chris Gatford, Director of HackLabs was interviewed on ABC Radio Drive time Queensland prior his presentation at the National ID symposium in Brisbane.

MP3 of Interview

Aug 30 2010

ABC Radio Interview on Ballarat City Council Compromise

Chris Gatford, Director of HackLabs was interviewed by Prue Bently on the compromise of Ballarat City Council's internal network by a hacker. This was commentary on the information disclosed in the Courier Mail Article.

MP3 of Interview

Mar 26 2010

ITNews - Data Disclosure Laws & Fines

HackLabs provided thoughts on the lack of data loss disclosure laws within Australia to Liz Tay.


Mar 25 2010

Computerworld - Skipfish Web Application Security Scanner

HackLabs quoted on Skipfish the new Web Application Security Scanner from google. It's a amazingly fast and will be very useful to Penetration Testers.


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