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We aim to tailor our courses and are happy to customise content to suit your organisation's training needs. These can be delivered :

  • At specially designed training facilities
  • Onsite at customer locations
  • Online via WebBased Learning solutions

Please contact us with your training requirements.

HackLabs: Infrastructure - Penetration Testing Course - Classroom Based

Learn the ethical hacking techniques commonly used to breech and exploit corporate networks and be able to identify how and when they are used. This course enables you to uncover vulnerabilities in operating systems, applications and IT networks and provides advice in applying appropriate countermeasures.

The Course educates participants on:

The methodology used to perform penetration testing.

  • How to compromise systems security
  • How to utilise tools to exploit vulnerable systems
  • How to apply countermeasures to protect an organisation from exploitation.
  • How to document your findings effectively to explain them to the business.

The Course teaches penetration testing techniques that quickly, ef´Čüciently and most importantly methodically uncover vulnerabilities in operating systems, applications and networks. Participants then learn how to use cutting edge exploit tools to take advantage of vulnerable systems and what countermeasures should be applied to protect systems from exploitation. This course focuses on Internet systems, Windows and UNIX system penetration and also covers other technologies including Wireless, Network Devices and VOIP.

Designed to combine theoretical teaching with practical application of the tools and methods learnt, it is expected that participants will be able to return to their workplace and immediately apply the tools and techniques learnt during The Course. To assist in the learning process, each participant is provided with a machine loaded with the software and tools to use throughout the course and, on successful completion of the week, are given a Linux Live CD of security testing tools.




HackLabs: Web Applications - Penetration Testing - Classroom Based (3 day)

Vulnerable Web applications is now the most common attack vectors used to compromise an organisation's data. This is often due to the lack of security awareness of web application developers or due to legacy sections of code being deployed to the internet. This results in vulnerable code being developed and deployed on critical systems.

The Web Application Vulnerabilities and Solutions Course bridges this vast security knowledge gap by:

Training students on the core fundamental web application vulnerabilities and how to exploit the vulnerabilities.

  • Providing hands on labs on to allow students to exploit test applications to assist the students understanding.
  • Teaching the common controls required to implement to prevent your web applications from being exploited.

This course is aimed at web application developers, web application system administrators, security professionals, and network architects.




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