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Red Teaming Training Course

HackLabs Red Team Training Course is a brand-new 3-day course designed to teach participants methods on how to compromise organisations both physically and electronicaly.

The term “Red Team Testing’ is used to define an attacker whose purpose is to penetrate a company’s security using any means at their disposal. While a typical External Penetration Test would identify and exploit vulnerabilities in external internet systems only, a Red Team Test attacks would range from Electronic, to Physical, to Social.

During the 3 day course, you will learn:

  • Using Open Source Recon tools
  • Developing Attack Plans
  • Pretext Creation and Methods
  • Physical Entry Methods
  • System Level Attacks
  • Misc. items from a combined 20 years of experience

On the final day, you will be involved in gaining access using the tools and techniques you've learnt into a simulated organisation.

Who Should Take This Course:

This course is ideal for anyone who is looking to get into the exciting world of penetration testing, or for those who work in an environment and want to understand the latest methods and tools used by attackers.

What Students Will Receive:

Participants will receive a black bag of tools to perform attacks on their own environments.

About The Trainers:

Chris Gatford is the Founder and Director of HackLabs in Sydney, Australia and performs penetration tests for organisations all around the world. Chris has reviewed countless IT environments and has directed and been responsible for numerous security assessments for a variety of corporations and government departments.  Specifically, and somewhat uniquely Chris has been performing Penetration Testing for over 10 years commercially.

Chris has co-authored “Network Security Assessment: From Vulnerability to Patch” from Syngress Publishing.

Chris is also a frequent speaker at many security related conferences. Chris is a member of several security professional organisations and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional.  Chris has appeared on ABC News, Channel 10 News, Bloomberg TV and ABC’s Four Corners.

Petr Novak is a Security Consultant with HackLabs in Sydney, Australia. Petr has been specialising in exploit development and reverse engineering and has skills in source code auditing and web application penetration testing.

His background includes software engineering which provides him with invaluable insight into the thought process of developers and allows him to help them solve security problems with ease.

Petr has been a frequent participant in security competitions, won the Australian Cyber Security Challenge twice in a row with his team and played in the DEFCON CTF finals. These days he focuses more on organising than competing.

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