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Managed Vulnerability Service (MVS)

HackLabs helps secure your network and information proactively by identifying vulnerabilities before hackers can take advantage of them.

MVS assists meeting audit and regulatory requirements while creating trust and confidence with your online solutions. Our approach is designed to identify thousands of known security vulnerabilities, assess the risks and provide remediation recommendations.

Regular Schedule & Updates - Regular vulnerability scanning is critical in securing an organisation’s network. Even if your current software is up to date, the rapid pace of upgrades creates new vulnerabilities in systems daily. Managed Vulnerability Service provides protection against the latest threats with updates every 12 hours to the scanning solution.

External and Internal Scanning - Scanning the perimeter for vulnerabilities is essential however it does not offer enough protection against current threads. In order to have a comprehensive understanding of the security environment, it is necessary to consider the internal vulnerabilities scanning critical systems within your network.

Detailed Recommendations - MVS provides the risk level of the discovered vulnerabilities and provides step-by-step actions to fix or mitigate each vulnerability.

Features at a glance;

  • Proactive identification of Network & Web Application Security vulnerabilities
  • Automated scanning
  • Latest vulnerabilities are updated every 12 hours
  • Powerful internal and external network scans
  • Easy access to downloadable reports in just one location
  • Customisable scanning parameters
  • Unlimited scans per host are allowed
  • Prioritised remediation guidance
  • Assists with security regulatory

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